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CircuiTree Solutions is a non-profit organization and is a part of the Kanakuk Ministries family of organizations.

Since 1926, Kanakuk has been reaching kids for Christ through the unique platform of camping. During this time, Kanakuk has made many technological advances which it has chosen to share with other like-minded camps to help them reach their goals and mission as effectively as possible.

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Senior Risk Management Consultant


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Kanakuk Kamps

Rick serves as the Director of Risk Management for Kanakuk Kamps, Kanakuk Ministries, and CircuiTree Solutions.

Rick is also the Senior Risk Consultant for CircuiTree Solutions providing specialized risk management solutions for camps, conference centers, ministries and outdoor adventure programs throughout the country.

Rick has certifications in risk management, Occupational Safety and Health, and swimming pool operations. He has over 18 years experience as a licensed Multi-line Insurance Broker. Various trainings include NOLS Risk Management training, Guide One certified commercial policy forms and coverage, Child Abuse Prevention systems, and Technical skills for high elements. Rick is also a author and conference speaker for organizations such as WRMC, CCCA, Ozark Sectional and Camp Risk Workshop. Rick is a member of Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS), Society for Human Resources (SHRM), America Camping Association (ACA), and Christian Camp & Conference Association (CCCA).

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